Salt in the air Part 1

I started writing down stories & thoughts in 2018 (during and after my cancer treatment). They are about the past, about traveling and of course about emotions. In short: these are stories about SEARCHING & FINDING!

Only now have I stumbled across it again. I totally forgot.

I want to share some of those stories with you. They are very personal, honest and a little cynical. If you get the impression that I was a little angry, frustrated and full of longing while writing it...yes, that was the case!

So have fun reading!

xo Louis

Part 1




Finally, the time had come. When I was 30, I decided after so many years of dreaming to do exactly what I always wanted to do. To travel! Not a few weeks or months. Years!

Get out, feel and experience something different. Follow this strange, often indescribable throb in the heart and never look back again.

My throbbing was a pounding.



However, as some of you know, fate is a bastard with an idiotic grinning smile and a half bald head.

It is funny. When I thought about traveling or backpacking back then, I always saw happy and satisfied people in front of me. Dancing, half-naked bodies at the campfire and in the background a composition of laughter, crackling, the sound of the sea and the well-known songs on an untuned guitar. There are no fears, no worries (at most the sudden fizzle out of the grass reserves) and no tomorrow either. They arrived. They are at peace with themselves and enjoying every moment.

There are these people. And it is something wonderful to spend time with them and to exchange thoughts and ideas.         

However, many people carry their "darkness" around with them. No matter if you are on the other side of the world or not.

It would be nice to stroll to the check-in counter at the airport and not only be able to lift the luggage on the belt, but also the whole heavy burden of the heart. Like a “fear drop off” and underneath in small letters “no fees for big fears”.



A quote from Buddha sums it up very nicely:

“Travel is not magic, not a solution for everything or anything. If you are dissatisfied at home, you are also grumpy when traveling. You can run away from everything but not yourself. And you alone are responsible for your happiness."

I ran away. But I didn't know it then...


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