From the idea to the finished painting

The ideas!

I find inspiration everywhere.

I usually process what I have experienced myself or the ideas find me purely by accident.

I look closely,

Very banal, simple things like a white glove or a stain on the floor do inspire me.


However, the best ideas come from talking to people like you.

You are a source of inspiration to me.

That is why I am very happy when people contact me.

It is important to me that each painting tells its own unique story and triggers emotions.

The painting ground

I use different backgrounds for my paintings.

This depends on the choice of motif and the projects that I carry out.

For smaller series of paintings, I use high quality acrylic paper or small format canvases.

These smaller works are usually framed after completion.

Large-format canvases and cardboard boxes are also my favorites.


Before the ideas can flow, the base must be primed.

This is very important for the color effect and the durability of the finished painting.


I only use highly pigmented acrylic paints, acrylic spray, ink & chalk for painting.

I love acrylic paint because it is very color intensive and you can work beautifully layer by layer.

As the paint dries very rapidly, I have to work fast.

This has the advantage that I always make a quick progress.



I usually work on several paintings at the same time.

The variety is a good way for me to keep my head clear and to let the ideas flow.

I love to work intuitively.

I decide spontaneously about the choice of color and painting technique.

This way of working enables me to be in the here and now.

Forces and emotions can flow freely.

After completion


When I feel that the painting is done, I put it aside for a few days.

A little distance from the painting is good and enables a new perspective.

Because sometimes later I notice a few details that I want to change.

After finishing a work, I feel exhausted but satisfied, complete and proud. 

I am happy to present the painting and I am excited to see how the reactions will be.

I am always very grateful for feedback.

When I see how much joy my paintings bring, it motivates me to tackle very new and exciting projects.


Are you interested in my artworks?

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