about me


„Where would we go if everyone said, where would we go and nobody would go to see where we would go if we went”.

This quote from Kurt Marti has not let go of me for a long time. I read it for the first time when I got cancer in 2018.
Everything changed in this very difficult phase of my life. My thoughts, my expectations, my attitude to life.

My name is Luise, I was born in Leipzig in 1987 and now I live in Thuringia.

Originally I come from the hotel industry, but my passion has always been art. As a child I used to work with pastel chalk, coal and pencils. My parents even allowed me to beautify the walls of my children's room. A few years later I started writing, taking pictures and making music (I gave up making music very quickly because I didn't want to do these terrible tones to my family any longer).

I can't imagine life without art.

When my life changed in 2018, it took a lot of energy out of me. But at the same time it gave me the knowledge to perceive my inner STRENGHT and to grow beyond myself.

With my art and my story I want to help, inspire and encourage people like you to deal with your inner STRENGHT and to become aware of it!


Everyone has their own story to tell, which one is Yours? Tell me about Your way. Tell me about Your strength.

Have you ever pushed Yourself to the limit? Which event in Your life has changed You significantly?