The ♡ 31DayChallenge ♡

The 31DayChallenge

The - 31DayChallenge - is a method to create new habits and leave your comfort zone. These challenges can be found in various fields such as fitness, cooking, crafts, arts, etc.

I think this idea (inspired by Andrea Ehrhardt) is really great & I decided to create a painting each day in January. In order to make this challenge a little more interesting I wanted to interpret a topic of my choice in different ways in these 31 days. I decided on the topic – Sky - & in retrospect I can say: yes, this topic was definitely not easy for me & that was a good thing!




Here you will find some insights and "aha" experiences from the 31 days:


 Get started

Just do it. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

In fact the hardest part is getting started. We humans tend to imagine the worst. We are very good at anticipating risks and dangers and preparing for the worst. That is the crux of the matter. Before we start anything our head has already played through everything and decided to stick with the "old".

I got used to following my first impulse and “jumping into the cold water”. This method has helped me to overcome my weaker self a few times.


Leaving the comfort zone

Doing something new, daring or just breaking habits is usually scary and just doesn't feel “right”.
I know this too well.
But when you finally dare it feels like you've saved the world.

Be brave and dare. You can't lose anything. On the contrary! You gain an indescribable feeling of pride, experience and a new perspective on yourself & the things around you.


Don't be too strict

Perfectionism is great but only until you don't get in your own way.
This often happens to me when I create a painting or a series. The expectations towards me are so high that I get frustrated quickly if nothing works as expected.
Because of the challenge I could not gain distance from a painting for days in order to allow new ideas (and a better mood) to flow in. I focused more on the process than on the result & didn't try to evaluate everything equally.

Here are some „creations“ that I wouldn't show otherwise (thank god you can paint over everything ):





No master has fallen from heaven

As banal as it might sound, the less surprising is my discovery: Practice makes perfect.

What, this is nothing new for you? Yes, actually not for me either.
But as more days of this challenge passed, all the more I saw my progress.

As an abstract painter I find it difficult to see progress in certain areas of my art. Therefore this knowledge was an important and very constructive one.



 Dare yourself!

If you are an artist yourself, you certainly have "your colors" too.

For a long time I avoided certain color combinations or didn't dare to use them. I thought “that doesn't suit me”, “that doesn't catch the eye”, “that seems kind of weird”, etc. Your own limitations seem infinite. Breaking this way of thinking was immensely liberating & opened up many new, exciting opportunities.

Dare yourself!

Change your perspective on certain things and you will quickly notice that things will change automatically too.

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xo Louis